How to enter

Competition stages

The Student Challenges Competition is run in three stages:

Stage 1 – Preliminary application

  1. Complete the full online application form below providing as much detail as possible and making sure to keep within the allocated word count. 
  2. Create a 2-3-minute video to illustrate your project idea and how it works.  Please be as creative as you can as this will go towards the shortlisting decision and may also be shown at the Dragon’s Den event if you are a finalist.  
  3. All entrants will be contacted once a shortlisting decision has been made. 

Stage 2 - Synopsis and presentation

Shortlisted candidates who progress to stage 2 will be required to present their idea to a panel of global health experts at our annual Dragon’s Den style event to find the winner.  The event will take place in March 2018.

Stage 3 – Project implementation and report on progress

The Winner(s) will then progress to stage 3 – the implementation of their idea. They will be required to present at the following year’s Dragon’s Den event, where they will be given the opportunity to summarise their progress and their journey throughout the competition. 


Applications for Student Challenges Competition are now open. Click here to apply. The deadline for the competition is 8 February 11:59pm.